CRPD: risico terugkeer psychisch zieke vrouw naar Irak

The Committee determined, inter alia, that there were substantial grounds for believing that the applicant would face a real risk of irreparable harm contemplated by Articles 10 and 15 CRPD if she were to be removed to Iraq, given the several medical certificates submitted to the domestic authorities that indicated that she was undergoing essential treatment for severe depression, which was assessed to include a risk of severe life-threatening complications and risked grave consequences of relapsing without adequate care. The Committee affirmed the author's argument and indicated the authorities should have assessed whether she would be able to access adequate medical care if removed to Iraq. The Committee further considered that the failure to assess the information available to them concerning the state of the applicant's health amounted to a violation of her rights under Article 15 CPRD.

The Committee recommended that the State review her case taking account of the State's obligations under the Convention and Committee's views indicated in the adopted decision.

Communicaton no. 60/2019, 24.9.20